From clicks to coverage: Maximising impact with Digital PR tactics. In this session, you'll learn the importance of Digital PR, how it benefits your brand and website rankings, and how to secure those valuable, high authority links.

Led by Digital PR expert Emma Hull and Beauty Industry expert Resh Vadgama, this webinar will cover:

The Power of Link Building:

Uncover the significance of backlinks as the backbone of your digital PR strategy and their impact on your SEO efforts. Gain insights into proven tactics for acquiring high-quality backlinks that boost your search rankings.

Transforming Media Relationships:

Discover effective strategies for building mutually beneficial relationships with journalists and leveraging your internal experts to amplify your digital PR efforts.

Best Practices for digital PR Success:

Learn practical tips and techniques for crafting compelling email outreach, integrating digital PR with your existing PR initiatives, and maximising the impact of press releases and follow-ups.

This event is hosted by a member of our Agency Network - to register for free, please visit the event page here, or submit the form to the right and we'll confirm your registration with the agency.


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