In an era of consumer scepticism, is trust in influencer marketing fading? In this workshop, our experts share practical advice to enhance and maintain authentic influencer relationships for greater market impact.

Influencer marketing isn't dying; it's simply evolving as a more credible tool that reflects your brand values and helps build meaningful connections.

In this virtual session, our industry experts address the challenges of trust in influencer marketing, providing real-world strategies to help improve and maintain an authentic brand identity across your influencer collaborations.

On the agenda:

  • Understanding trust issues - The current state of trust in influencer marketing, and the impact this has on brand-influencer collaborations.
  • Strategies for rebuilding trust - The common challenges in maintaining trust with influencers, and how brands can ensure transparency in their influencer partnerships.
  • Best practices and case studies - Building a consistent and trustworthy brand voice across influencer collaborations, and adapting to developing market trends.
  • Practical implementation - Evaluating the effectiveness of your influencer marketing strategies.

Who should attend?

  • In-House Brand Marketers
  • Creative Directors and Communication Specialists
  • Marketing Directors and Strategists

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