How much of your consumer marketing strategy is being left to chance? In this session for retail marketing leaders, our experts share how to back up your targeting and conversion tactics with a robust understanding of audience behaviour.

With technological advancements, shifts in buying preferences, unprecedented social and economical factors and an increasing need for personalisation - changes in consumer habits are here to stay.

In this virtual session, our experts discuss the changing nature of buyer journeys in 2023, how consumer research and analysis - or the lack thereof - can impact the performance of your marketing activity, before delving into the approaches - and options available - to enhance your audience targeting, conversion and engagement tactics.

On the agenda:

  • The ‘Messy Middle’ – The changing nature of consumer behaviour, buying journeys, and challenges facing retail in 2023
  • Getting started – The options available to in-house marketers when investing in behavioural/data-driven analysis, and what might work for your resource
  • An actionable approach – How to practically translate your efforts into your wider targeting, engagement, and conversion strategy
  • Investing in your customers – Final advice, your questions, and deciding what’s next

Our speakers:

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