In this session for marketers looking to nurture their audiences without sacrificing commercial return, our experts share how to build an integrated strategy that works for you.

Organic and Paid Social Media strategies serve vastly differing purposes. Yet for the sake of maximising ROI, a hybrid approach that strikes a balance between awareness and lead generation can initiate the best outcomes.

In this virtual session, our experts share the different opportunities and challenges both paid and organic social media marketing present in 2023, along with guidance for effectively integrating the two for various brands - including how to frame and ‘assign’ certain objectives, practical advice for specific channels, and ways to improve your integrated strategy in an evolving landscape.

On the agenda:

  • The case for a hybrid social strategy – The ‘purpose’ of organic vs. paid social media marketing, and how they can support each other for better outcomes
  • Challenges and opportunities – The main blockers for in-house teams looking to integrate their social strategy, and key considerations before getting started
  • Defining your approach – Practical guidance for integrating your paid and organic social media strategy, resource allocation, reporting, and more
  • Continuous improvement – How to consistently measure and improve your integrated strategy, and what to consider before you invest in expert support

Our speakers:

Got a specific challenge? This industry workshop will allow you to ask key questions that shape the conversation – register below to reserve your place.


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