In this workshop for B2B marketing, branding, and communication strategists, our experts share how you can translate and leverage the proven strategies of B2C brand-building for your own business – and what to consider before you start.

What can B2B marketing leaders learn from their B2C counterparts?

In this virtual session, our experts explore the typical differences between B2C and B2B strategies, the common blockers B2B teams face in their brand-building, and what to consider when translating these approaches to a B2B audience - this could include; use of social media, seamless buyer experiences, emotional marketing and storytelling campaigns, or even the cultural differences between B2C and B2B businesses.

On the agenda:

  • B2C vs. B2B – The common differences between B2C and B2B approaches to brand-building, and why these come about
  • What we can learn – The most popular B2C strategies that we can leverage in B2B brands, and what to consider
  • Investing in B2B brand-building – Key challenges and practical guidance for applying these strategies within your own business
  • Q&A with our experts and final thoughts

Our speakers:

Got a specific challenge? This industry workshop will allow you to ask key questions that shape the conversation – register below to reserve your place.


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