Your website should be more than just a shopfront. In this workshop, we discuss how integrating web development with digital marketing can enhance brand presence and drive stronger conversions.

Taking a more integrated approach to your web development can help build brand trust, increase site traffic, enhance customer experiences, and inevitably generate more leads.

In this virtual session for web development and digital marketing specialists, our experts share practical guidance on developing and executing strategies that seamlessly integrate web development with digital marketing to elevate your online performance.

On the Agenda:

  • Understanding Integration - The fundamental advantages of a cohesive approach to web development and digital marketing strategies.
  • Developing Integrated Strategies - The common challenges brands face when integrating web development with digital marketing, and how to ensure alignment.
  • Best practices and case studies - Maintaining consistency across web and marketing efforts, and when to adapt to evolving digital trends.
  • Practical tips and measuring success - Key ways to effectively integrate web and digital marketing strategies on a limited budget.

Who should attend?

  • In-house Brand Marketers
  • Web Development and Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Marketing Directors and Strategists

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