With expert opinion from Izea, Pitch Marketing Group, Influencer Marketing Expert Jessica Brennan, and Influence Network, dive into the biggest challenges faced when scaling influencer marketing campaigns, as voted for by our network.

Consumers no longer fit into the traditional, linear funnel, rather, they navigate their way through an ever more complex, digital ecosystem from awareness to purchase.

Learn how your agency and brand peers are working with influencers throughout the consumer journey, integrating them across multiple channels as they guide consumers through increasingly convoluted paths to purchase.

Importantly, understand how you can leverage the power of influencers for improved campaign efficiency, effectiveness and return across all of your marketing efforts.

Key points on the agenda:

  • The Influencer Marketer’s perspective on Google’s ‘Messy Middle’ thinking.
  • How can you deploy influencers in support of an integrated, traditional funnel marketing strategy?
  • What are the common challenges for brands and agencies in developing, implementing and and scaling influencer marketing campaigns?
  • How are agencies and brands meeting these challenges - and succeeding?
  • Q&A

This session is free to attend but may reach capacity - register now to save your space.


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