In this session, GO! partners Focus5 will be sharing the best practical tips and advice for nailing a recruitment strategy that doesn't waste time and money.

In a candidate-short, turbulent recruitment market, it can often feel like you're left with no option but to lose time - and budget - on recruiting for your team.

Despite people often being your most valuable asset, recruitment can often feel like a chore we just want to scratch off the To-Do list. So, when getting recruitment right can mean either the growth of your business, or your biggest headache, how do you make sure you're doing it right?

In this session, our partners Focus 5 will share some practical tips and insights for nailing your recruitment strategy to avoid wasted time, money and the cyclical recruitment drive that’s holding your growth back.

Key points on the agenda:

  • How to evaluate your “Employee” status
  • What a recruitment process should look like
  • Where to start and finish when it comes to advertising
  • What we mean by ‘Deselection’
  • Contract options & Legal considerations


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