As we start to close the chapter on the last year and a half, a number of successful agencies face a genuinely pressing issue – revenue management. As agencies grow, headcounts increase, and so do running costs. So how do you broach this sensitively?

The session will be a great opportunity to brainstorm with other agency leaders as well as get some great insight from our partner, the Wow Company.

Network webinar: How to raise your rates - and your profits

In this interactive session, we'll take you through what the top-performing agencies are doing when it comes to raising their rates. It’s a chance for you to discover how to:

  • Increase your rates without losing clients
  • Change the way your rates are perceived
  • Handle challenges to the fees you charge
  • Sell value, not time
  • Charge what you’re worth

PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are limited to encourage engagement. If you would like to join, please request a complimentary ticket below.


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