In this session for business owners, GO! partners Citation will share how to fulfil the Health & Safety obligations needed to make sure your business, people and customers are protected.

Did you know that business owners with five or more workers have a legal obligation to maintain five key pillars of Health & Safety, no matter the industry?

After so much disruption to working life in the past couple of years and with COVID-related changes at the top of the list, you may not have had a chance to keep up with your core Health and Safety compliance – but with The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) confirming that spot checks on businesses to ensure appropriate measures remain in place to protect employees from the risk of COVID-19 are continuing, ensuring your business is protected is key.

In this free, 60-minute webinar for Business Owners, GO! partners Citation will take you through how to make sure your Health & Safety compliance is up to scratch to not only protect your people and customers, but your business too, including:

  • The five key pillars of Health & Safety and your legal obligations as an employer
  • Reviewing your COVID-specific risk assessment to determine what measures are still necessary in your workplace
  • Key areas of interest for the HSE – manual handling, CoSHH and employee communication
  • The importance of updating your Health & Safety policies, procedures, risk assessments, employee training and more

Citation will also be answering your business-specific queries, so feel free to come along armed with any questions you may have. Register below to save your space.


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