Could TV advertising take your brand to new heights? In this workshop, our industry experts share practical guidance on developing and executing TV advertising campaigns that enhance brand visibility and impact.

The true power of TV advertising can generate an ROI between 300% and 500% - so when do you start?

In this virtual session for creative and media leaders, our experts discuss the key benefits of using TV advertising for the first time, common challenges to overcome when executing TV campaigns, and tips to take your TV advertising strategy further for greater brand performance.

On the Agenda

  • Understanding TV advertising - The advantages of TV Advertising for your brand, with examples of successful first-time launches.
  • Developing effective strategies - Ensuring your TV campaigns align with your overall marketing goals, and potential obstacles to avoid.
  • Best practices and case studies - Practical advice for designing compelling and memorable TV ads.
  • Implementation and measuring success - Practical tips for launching your first TV ad on limited budget.

Who should attend?

  • In-House Brand Marketers
  • Creative Directors and Media Planners
  • Marketing Directors and Strategists

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