As your business grows, so do your needs. In this workshop, our network of fast-growth leaders and specialists will share how to put the aces in places when growing your business function.

Are you making the most of your outsourced support?

As fast-growth business leaders expand their teams, the time and resource needed to properly assess, research and optimise your team set-up is a luxury that's hard to come by.

Our Speakers

This session will be led by our panel of experienced fast-growth leaders:

Caity Smith, Director, Delivery & Operations, Daydot

Caroline Goodwin, Operations Director, Tangent

Dan Greenall, VP Marketing, Sorted Group

Nick Partridge, Senior Brand Manager, Nix & Kix

In this interactive virtual workshop, we'll share how to build a plan for an optimised business function that grows with you. From lead agencies to specialised support, we'll cover the pros, cons, and key considerations that go into assessing your external hiring strategy and getting the best from your teams.


Key points on the agenda:

  • Getting started – framing your resource, goals and future planning for growth
  • Building the team – considerations, challenges and opportunities for building a marketing function that suits your business needs
  • Measuring performance – how to assess and evaluate your marketing support - when to expand or diversify your marketing structure or headcount
  • Mutual success – tips and strategies for ensuring your external support is future-proofed for your business growth


This limited workshop session will allow you to ask key questions that shape the conversation – register below to reserve your place.


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