From audience targeting to brand bidding, join Network members Foundation (part of Liberty Marketing group) for a PPC masterclass to discover the best tactics to achieve growth for your beauty brand.

Join Foundation in their latest webinar, all about driving business growth for your beauty brands, through paid media.

This 45-minute session is designed to provide you with actionable strategies and insights to elevate your paid media game in the competitive beauty sector.

Why Should You Attend?
  • Expert Guidance: The session will be led by our Paid Media Manager, Alex Cox - a seasoned PPC extraordinaire, and beauty expert Olivia Ford - Performance Lead at Foundation.
  • Targeted Insights: This webinar is tailored for marketers in the health, beauty and wellness sector, addressing the unique challenges you face.
  • Actionable Takeaways: Walk away with practical strategies and tips that you can implement immediately to improve your paid media campaigns and ROI.
  • Exclusive Offer: Attendees can receive a FREE top-line PPC audit upon request, following the event.

What You’ll Learn:
  • Key benefits of paid media for new and established beauty brands.
  • How to make your paid media budget work harder.
  • How to compete with big brands and stockists.
  • Using AI in paid media to optimise your campaigns.
  • Navigating a cookie-less world.
  • When not to use paid media.

This webinar is ideal for marketing leaders working within the health, beauty and wellness industry. To attend submit the form to the right and we'll confirm your registration with the agency.


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