In this session for marketing and operations leaders looking to save time and manage their product information more efficiently, Network Members Telescope join us to share their knowledge around streamlining your multi-channel marketing workflow.

GO! Network ‘Deep Dives’ are a chance for our community to drill down into specialist areas of their strategy, with support from our Network members.

In this virtual session, marketing delivery experts Telescope discuss specific challenges around managing the digital data of your products (such as images, product information/specifications and pricing), talking through their own experiences and learnings in building 'The Hub', along with key considerations and tips for you to assess and enhance your processes.


During this 1-hour Deep Dive, you'll learn:

  • An introduction to Telescope Group
  • The major challenges for in-house teams managing product information and digital assets within a fast-growth business
  • The options available for building a better digital inventory, and what to consider for your strategy
  • Best practise advice from the team based on Telescope's own bespoke build, 'The Hub' - from getting your products to market quicker and increasing online conversions to streamlining internal processes and updating product information in real time


Claire Hepburn-Hughes, Business Development Manager

Ian Leach, Managing Director

Jane Day, Studio Account Director

This session is free to join, but spaces are limited - reserve your space below, and we'll confirm your invitation as soon as registration is open.


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