Gen-Z, the generation on everyone's minds. But how do you get their attention? In this session IMA-HOME's Gen-Z expert's will look at the brands who have won over the generation, what they did to turn their heads and what this means for you.

Virtual session

GO! Network ‘Deep Dives’ are a chance for our community to drill down into specialist areas of their strategy, with support from our Network members.

In this virtual session for brand and marketing leaders looking to connect with this audience, Gen-Z experts from global connected marketing agency IMA-HOME  join us to discuss the brands that have won the hearts (and pockets) of the rising generation, answer your questions, and share what you need to know about what makes Gen-Z tick.

What's Covered

During this 1-hour Deep Dive, you'll learn:

  • A recap of Gen-Z: who are they, what are their behaviours, and what do they believe?
  • The brands that are winning with Gen-Z 
  • What this means for you 
  • Q&A with the experts


This session is free to join, but spaces are limited - reserve your space below, and we'll confirm your invitation as soon as registration is open.


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