A deep dive into ways of maximising your paid media performance, approach to mobile, and pricing strategy with GO! Network members and digital experience experts Daydot.

In this virtual roundtable discussion, award-winning Conversion Optimisation and User Experience agency Daydot join us to discuss how embracing optimisation and experimentation can improve revenue, profitability and create sticky, engaged customers.

What's covered

This session will focus on 3 core elements of your optimisation strategy; paid media performance, mobile optimisation, and pricing.

Throughout the discussion, the Daydot team will be sharing real-life case studies and actionable principles which allow you to deliver greater performance across your site, including:

  • The value of symmetrical messaging
  • Figuring out why your users behave in the way they do - and fixing your online journey to reflect this
  • Knowing the difference between ‘Mobile-friendly’ and ‘mobile-first’ design
  • Actionable mobile-first design recommendations
  • How to mitigate risk with controlled price testing, and 5 psychological pricing strategies to try for your business

This session is free to join, but spaces are limited - reserve your space below, and we'll confirm your invitation as soon as registration is open.


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