In this interactive deep dive session, GO! Network members Drummond Central share how marketers can navigate the recession, turn it to their advantage, and recover faster with 3 key principles - that are easier said than done.

How marketers can navigate the recession and how brands can turn it to their advantage and recover faster by following a few (admittedly difficult) principles:

📢 When other brands cut spend and go quiet, your brands’ voice will be heard even more clearly.

📈📊Using the decades of data and evidence that we have to demonstrate the need to continue investing in marketing and advertising.

💸🤑Speak CEO and CFO by talking about business outcomes rather than stuff they don’t care about or understand (CTRs for example). Set objectives, measure, and report on what matters most.

⚡️Be. More. Creative.

Creativity amplifies effectiveness by a factor of x11. After brand size it’s the most profitable weapon a marketer has. So don’t produce shit, mediocre work.

This session is free to join, but spaces are limited - reserve your space below, and we'll confirm your invitation as soon as registration is open.


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