KETTLE - renowned for their commitment to using real ingredients and local goods in their crisps, will share their insights on why quality matters now more than ever.

Home Grown | Private Members' Club London - 44 Great Cumberland Place, W1H 7BS

If you’ve ever wondered if people are willing to pay for quality in an era of rising costs and economic uncertainty, this event is your golden ticket.

Join the Fountain team along with Lily Cook, Brand Manager of KETTLE chips for an exclusive roundtable lunch on Thursday 15th February between 12:30-3.30pm, where you can engage in thought-provoking conversations with other senior marketers and industry leaders who understand the value of quality.

During this session we will talk about:

Communication of Quality

Communicating the quality of your product can be challenging. Find effective ways to convey the value proposition to your potential customers.


Striking the balance between highlighting your product’s features and benefits without making unrealistic claims!

Competitive positioning

In highly competitive markets, it can be tough to differentiate a product based on quality alone. Identify and communicate unique selling points that sets your brand apart from competitors.

This event is hosted by a member of our Agency Network - to book your ticket, please visit the event page HERE.

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