One brand, multiple audiences – how do you engage them all? This session will leave you with the tools to build a strategy that hits the right notes with the right audiences – including common challenges to overcome along the way!

From understanding and adapting your tone of voice for different prospects to putting aces in places with your content and channels, in this virtual workshop for in-house branding and marketing leaders, our experts are here to share how to build a branding and content marketing strategy that speaks to a wide range of target audiences without diluting your core brand.

On the agenda:

  • Testing your brand – The common challenges with reaching numerous audiences within a single brand identity, and what this might mean for your own strategy.
  • When, how, and where to engage audiences – Understanding your audiences through research, adapting your brand voice, and laying the groundwork for a diverse content strategy.
  • Implementation – The key considerations before investing in your own strategy, benchmarking what ‘good’ looks like for your strategy, and final advice from our experts.

Speakers confirmed soon!


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