Navigate the ESG landscape, avoid greenwashing and green-hushing, and talk about your business’s environmental commitments authentically.

Greenwashing and green-hushing shouldn’t deter brands from taking climate action AND talking about it. This must-attend event for communications and marketing professionals demystifies the net zero conversation with insightful data and informative case studies, leaving you with the confidence to master sustainability storytelling.

Hosted by Network members GOLD79 - Hear from:

  • Caroline Linford, Net Zero Director, FlotillaExplaining how scientific technology and human intellect are key to a net zero strategy you can be proud to talk about.
  • Tamarind Wilson-Flint, Co-founder, GOLD79Tackling the green-hushing challenge via successful net zero journey stories from brands.
  • James McKay, Artist and Low Carbon Energy Expert – Discussing the importance of positively engaging the public about the climate crisis.

This event is hosted by a member of our Agency Network - to register for free, please visit the event page here, or submit the form to the right and we'll confirm your registration with the agency.


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