In this session for marketing leaders looking to drive better connections with their audience, eCommerce MasterPlan creator Chloë Thomas joins us to share her experience building an engaged, organic platform that drives real business return.

As more B2B, Professional Services, and Marketing businesses look to nurture their audience with ‘organic communities’, what does it take to do it right? In this fireside chat with eCommerce MasterPlan creator Chloë Thomas, learn how to build a platform that actually engages your audience, and generates tangible business outcomes along the way.

Chloë Thomas is a globally recognised eCommerce marketing problem solver.  As author of several bestselling books, and host of both the award-winning eCommerce MasterPlan and Keep Optimising podcasts, Chloë has cultivated a personal brand and platform that both actively engages her community, and actually drives tangible results for her work.

On the agenda:

  • The eCommerce MasterPlan – Chloë’s experience so far, and her journey as a content creator
  • Building a platform – The challenges and learnings that helped Chloë’s online community thrive
  • Organic growth, Business outcomes – How to balance organic, engaging content with tangible business ROI and success
  • Q&A – Your chance to ask Chloë for advice to support your own strategy

This session is open to all - register below to save your space, and we'll share an invite with you as soon as it's available.


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