Playback - Getting More From Your Website in 2023 - The Complete Guide

Your website should be more than just a shopfront. In this session for digital marketing leaders, our experts are here share what you need to make more of your website in 2023.

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Taking a more strategic approach to your website can help build brand trust, increase site traffic, enhance customer experiences, and inevitably generate more leads – so, how do you unlock the potential of your online presence in 2023?

In this virtual session, our performance, development, and digital experts share the common challenges and overlooked opportunities to make the most of your website and how to objectively assess your site to hit strategic objectives from the ground up, including best practise advice on fine-tuning key elements such as SEO, UX, and consistent measurement of performance.

On the agenda:

  • Getting started – Defining the ‘purpose’ of your website, and deciding what’s fit for purpose
  • Pain points – Common issues with website optimisation, and how to manage them
  • Making the most of your website – The overlooked opportunities to get more from your website across UX, SEO, integrations, and more
  • Refresh or restart? – Mapping your plan of attack, internal buy-in, and considerations for external support

Our speakers:

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