Playback - Driving Stronger Data and Insights from your Marketing Strategy

Marketing is full of data – why not put it to use? In this strategy session, our experts share how to leverage your existing performance data and analytics to drive valuable insights for your team - and wider business - alike.

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Understanding and applying your marketing analytics can help determine your wider business goals, dictate your strategy focus, and demonstrate your channel ROI – but with such an overwhelming amount of data available, how do you begin deriving 'value-adding' insights?

In this session for marketing leaders, our panel of experts discuss how various sources of data and analytics can be used to inform a more sophisticated channel strategy, wider audience behaviours, and customer insights that add value to the wider business.

On the agenda:

  • Getting started – Challenges facing marketers in 2023 when it comes to demonstrating ROI and ‘making the most’ of existing resource
  • Framing your data – How – and where – to find the data that matters to your business
  • Translating your insights – Practical guidance for pulling key insights from your existing data and analytics – from sourcing to sharing
  • Smarter, not harder – Creating sustainable, ‘always-on’ processes for data-driven insights within your business

Our speakers:

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