Playback - Building and Nurturing Authentic Brand Loyalty with Your Audience

In this leadership workshop for brand, marketing, and customer team leads, learn how to engage audiences with your brand in a way that builds trust – and loyalty – for the long run.

The GO! Network Team

Businesses with high brand loyalty scores grow revenue 2.5 times faster than industry competitors - but are you nurturing brand loyalty with your audience the right way?

In this virtual session for marketing leaders, our experts discuss the ever-more competitive nature of brand-audience relationships, what most brands get wrong when trying to build a connection to their audience, and the variety of ways in which brands can build an authentic image and experience for the customers that matter most to them.

On the agenda:

  • Getting started – How to assess your brand’s resonance and engagement with your audiences, and the building blocks of an authentic identity
  • Building connections – Practical guidance for nurturing your audience through direct engagement, advocacy, branding, and creative activation
  • Defining your strategy – Key considerations for a strategy that suits your objectives, resource, and audience
  • Next steps – Measuring shifts in your brand-audience relationships, where to invest, and final advice

The speakers:

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