Playback - 101 Ways to Get More from your PPC Strategy in 2023

Your PPC strategy shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. Our experts share how to utilise the latest PPC trends to complement other areas of your marketing strategy, boost overall performance and demonstrate real value for your business.

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With PPC efforts generating an average ROI of 200%, the challenge many marketers are facing this year is not so much in ‘doing it right’, but rather in squeezing the most value out of what they do.

In this virtual workshop, our experts share the foundations of a healthy PPC strategy, including the overlooked ‘value adds’ available with Paid advertising right now, common misconceptions to avoid, and ways to leverage PPC insights to support your wider marketing strategy.

On the agenda:

  • Getting started – What you need for a healthy PPC strategy to build valuable insights from
  • Understanding the value – The overlooked benefits of PPC strategies, and common misconceptions
  • Making PPC work harder – Where and how to apply insights from your PPC work across your business and wider marketing strategy
  • Measuring success – Considerations for a sustainable process, demonstrating value, and next steps

Our speakers:

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