Playback - Investing in Inbound - A Consolidated Approach to Your Lead Generation Strategy

In this leadership strategy workshop, our paid, organic, and inbound experts share how to build a more holistic view of your lead generation strategy – and avoid the common mistakes that could be costing you key insights.

The GO! Network

In this session for marketing leaders assessing their digital performance metrics, we discuss what goes into a full funnel lead generation effort, the common threads across channels, how to prioritise the right metrics, and ultimately how to drive more valuable learnings from your inbound strategy.

On the agenda:

  • Getting started – Framing your current lead generation efforts, and the building blocks of a more holistic understanding of your performance
  • Defining your approach – Common challenges in understanding the success of your lead generation – and how to avoid them
  • Driving growth - Practical guidance for updating your lead generation performance, reporting, and processes when it comes to channel activation
  • Continuous improvement – Refining your lead generation strategy, specialist support, and final considerations for your strategy

Our Speakers:.

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